Curtain wall


Cladding Curtain Wall System is a facade cladding system which is formed by using 50 mm or more aluminum profiles between the glass joints on the outer surfaces. Optionally, it can be designed in many different forms. The windows are attached to the horizontal and vertical axes by means of mechanical rails on the outside. The air and water tightness of the system is ensured by EPDM wicks used inside and outside. Clad facade system, semi-silicone facade (semi-strukturel) if desired can be brought to the form. The cover profiles in the horizontal or vertical axis used in the exterior are optionally canceled and the silicone sealant is made in the fuga cavities instead of these profiles. Thus, a semi-silicone semi-cover form can be obtained on the facade surface in the vertical or horizontal direction. In the system, non-specific wings can be used when viewed from the outside. The system can be convert