Silicon curtain wall


Silicone Curtain Wall

Structural Silicone In the facade system, aluminum profiles are not seen from the outside and the glass joints are seen as 15 mm. Since the sealing between the glass panels is provided with double EPDM wick, the sealing silicone is not drawn between the panels. Any glass panel that is selected when requested can be made into a hidden wing (without which it is opened from outside). The windows are applied to the system by bonding to the panels. These aluminum panels can be transformed into an invisible hidden wing when viewed from outside. In addition, according to the structure of the building, the geographic region and the climatic conditions of the building, the profiles used in these panels can be changed (using heat barrier and multi-chamber profiles) to provide heat insulation to the system. It has its own bottom aluminum construction details. It can be used with any kind of thermal insula